Friday, January 4, 2013

Sunday, September 30, 2012

June 2012 Part III

Needing to burn off some of those lbs I put on in Boston/Maine, I rounded up the boys and headed up Mueller Park Trail to Elephant Rock

About 20 minutes into our hike, my dad called and asked what we were up to.  When he found out we were on the trail, he was disappointed he wasn't with us.  So we sat in this patch of dirt where the boys got completely filthy and waited for "Pop" to join us.  Notice Vinny is carrying my 100 oz "Kryo" mug full of G2 gatorade.

This is the natural gas pipeline that cuts across our mountain range.  Maybe in 20 years the terrain will have recovered a bit.

About 2/3 the way to the top, Walt started to lose his cool.  I'm not sure when it dawned on me that I didn't bring a single diaper or wet wipe.  Better hold it, Walt!  Father of the Year award will have to wait for 2013.

Dexter was grateful for the mountain streams.  We let him drink all he wanted, and gave him a bath as well to cool him off.

Made it to the top! Best part of getting here wasn't the view or the sense of accomplishment for the boys.  It was no more "are we about there?" questions from V & O.

The mighty Kryo served us well.  We drank the last drop shortly before the bottom of the trail.

Walt finally fell asleep.  He was miserable being stuck in that thing for so long.

Pop cooling off his feet in the river
A day or two later, we took Vivi to the Park City outlet mall where Shannon escorted her for what seemed like an eternity through all the shops.  I was in charge of these three circus clowns.

We took Vivi to the Park City Alpine slide after the all-day shopping event.

Walt, Vivi, and Vinny ready to go

Walt was a little nervous with the whole process

But he caught on quick that the slide is a lot of fun.

That is about as happy as Walt gets.

Quick, everyone stare at that flaming ball in the sky!

Next stop was Cascade Springs in Provo Canyon.  If you haven't been there in a while, it's worth the trip.

We made it to the Olive Garden in Sandy about 10pm.  The kids were zombies but we were all hungry and the food was great.

The next day, Hernán was back from Maine and we went to the Chuck for some delicious bread pudding. (warning, you can't un-watch the video that the link will take you to)

I had never been to Antelope Island, so we loaded up in the van and headed there with Hernán and Vivi.  Shannon stayed home and got a break from these nutjobs.  V & O put the hat and glasses on Walt while he was sleeping in the back.

Lunch on the causeway was made brief due to the dozens of yellow jackets swarming the place.
It was pretty cool to see the buffalo with the SLC skyline across the lake.
After driving the length of the island and looking at the buffalo, we decided to wade into the water.  The black stuff you see here is thousands and thousands of dead gnats.
Walt was not a fan

Mmm, mmmmm!  Gnats!
Later in the month, Owen went to his first cub scout camp (slightly ahead of his eighth birthday).  He came home absolutely filthy both days.  This shot was after we had given his face a preliminary scrubbing.

He was NOT wearing sandals at scout camp, but this is what his feet looked like at the end of both days.

For her belated birthday present, we got Shannon a big umbrella for the back yard which she and Walt have enjoyed all summer long.

Shannon and I went with Guillermo and April to the Keane concert at the Gallivan Center.  We just sat in the back the whole time, listening to (not seeing) the band.  A great concert.
And that's the end of June!

June 2012 part II

In June, we learned that we will be welcoming baby #4 to the family in February 2013!  Shannon says this is the last one.

Hernán waiting anxiously to see his sister Viviana for the first time in nearly nine years.  She ended up walking out the wrong terminal, delaying the reunion about 30 agonizing minutes for him.

Shannon found her and her green, Argentine saran-wrapped luggage safe and sound.  Tears, laughter, the works.  Just like in a movie.

Vinny had his 11 year-old camp at Camp Tracy.  He was there three days and had a great experience.

He had one overnight there--he and I shared a tent.  I was dead asleep around 10 and he kept reading until 11:30 (or so he says).

Bolt-action .22 LR might seem dull after having shot Uzis and Thompson machine guns at Front Sight, but V loved it.

Vivi went to her first American baseball game.  Luckily she had played softball in high school so I didn't have to explain the rules to her.

Shannon, Vivi, her son Benjamin, and I were headed to Boston for Hernán's wedding, but got delayed in Denver and there was no way we were going to make it to Boston that night.  We got re-routed to Chicago where Southwest airlines put us up in a hotel for about two hours of sleep.  We caught the early flight to Boston, rented a car, and headed to Maine.  Meanwhile, Walt was with my sister-in-law, and Vinny and Owen went to Front Sight with my dad.

This was at Ruby's Brick Oven in Yorks, Maine. Great food. I had the "pasta from hell".  The nachos were great there as well.

After all the flight delays and stress, we found Hernán in Portland, Maine. 

Hernán's reception

The Maine coast

Portland Head Lighthouse.  This is my mission suit and it's quite baggy on me.  I should probably get a new suit.

The next morning, Shannon and I headed to Boston and walked the Freedom Trail.

Eating lunch at the Quincy Market

The Freedom Walk was great. 

We also took a tour of Fenway Park.  Here we are on the "Green Monster".

Eating cannolis from Mike's Pastry in the Boston Commons park

Shannon and I had a fantastic time spending the day together in Boston.  Hernán got married the next morning in the Boston temple, and we had an uneventful flight home.